Real Estate trained Virtual Assistants

Our workers are trained by Real Estate professionals, for Real Estate professionals.
Partner with us and put our talent to work for you.

Try one of our Admin Virtual Assistants free for 7 days.  No risk, and no credit card required.

Lisa uses her Virtual Prospecting Assistant to generate buyer and seller appointments

To see how Lisa uses her Virtual Assistant to book her buyer and seller appointments, click here.

Lisa uses her Virtual Transaction Coordinator Assistant to help manage her deals and tasks.

Click here to download a list of all the tasks Lisa outsources to her Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

Your practice, your way

Not all agents have the same problems.  We'll set you up with the right Real Estate Virtual Assistant based on your current needs.

If you need leads, we'll help you generate leads using Digital Marketing Assistants or phone prospecting assistants also known as Inside Sales Assistants.

If you need help managing your current business, we'll put you in touch with one of our CYP Transaction coordinators or MLS Admin Virtual Assistants.

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You’re not alone anymore

When you hire our CYP Virtual Assistant, you get a U.S. Based manager with an average of 10+ years of Real Estate experience to help manage and train your Virtual Assistant.

Delegate tasks without having to explain how to do it

Save time in training your assistant

Leverage our knowledge of industry best practices

Get help tracking your sales and growth

We save you $... alot of $*

Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant rates are nearly 50% the cost of hiring an “in-house” employee.  Here are 3 additional ways we help you increase your bottom line.

You get a 100% tax deduction as opposed to a “tax-burden” of having an employee.

You save $ on housing employees and providing them with expensive equipment.

You save $ on expensive employee benefits

* Consult your local CPA for all tax advice

Get straight to growing your business

Let us handle the rest

When we say it’s never been easier to delegate your Real Estate tasks, we mean it. Cutyourpayroll handles everything from lead generation and phone prospecting, to transaction coordination and MLS administration. Now you can focus on the things you love.

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What our clients are saying

  • Barbara Kauffman, Iron Valley Real Estate
    Barbara Kauffman, Iron Valley Real Estate - So far I am pleased with what I have seen. They listen to you and help you to accomplish what you ask them to do. By having Renie call through my database, I am free to concentrate on making the phone calls that can profit me.
  • Wendy Poltorek, Keller Williams/CPD Homes
    Wendy Poltorek, Keller Williams/CPD Homes - Daniel, Kelly and their staff are a one-of-a-kind Virtual Assistant Service. Their professionalism and knowledge off all things dealing with real estate driven marketing and assistance as well as basic online marketing is invaluable. Kelly has been working with us for the past couple of years directly training and guiding the process and it's been a TRUE pleasure to have her assistance and kindness. I have and will continue to recommend this company. Cheers!
  • Wendy Kunash, Keller Williams
    Wendy Kunash, Keller Williams - I highly recommend this company over any other VA companies out there. I had interviewed 4 others and chose this one and since I have referred this company to 4 of my friends who too agree. I'll continue to send business and use your services!
  • Justin Morales, Author
    Justin Morales, Author - Thank you so much for making my life easy. I am really bad at blogging and building websites and you guys have done a fantastic job. Your service is affordable and you execution is top notch. You have followed your companies name and cut my payroll by allowing me to reduce staff and increase production.
  • Pete Formica, Keller Williams and MAPS Coaching
    Pete Formica, Keller Williams and MAPS Coaching - CYP has been a pleasure to work with. They are allowing me to concentrate on the things that make me money while taking care of the necessary daily tasks. They are a blessing to my staff and my business. Sincerely, Pete Formica
  • Teresa Ryan, Top 1% Broker Nationwide of Century 21 Naperville
    Teresa Ryan, Top 1% Broker Nationwide of Century 21 Naperville - Dan Keltner and the CYP Team are an amazing staffing resource. They took the time to discuss what our specific needs were, and then found and properly trained the assistant. Our assistant is professional, hard working, efficient, a great communicator and continues to provide extraordinary value as a team member to our organization. I highly recommend Dan Keltner and CYP as a resource to anyone who is needing to supplement their existing staffing -- to get more work done. The quality and service are excellent.
  • Ron and Eva Cedillo, HomeBuyers Realty
    Ron and Eva Cedillo, HomeBuyers Realty - Having the ability to delegate the tasks that are fundamental to my business day to day operations has allowed me to focus on the growth and prosperity of my business. The use of freelancer is a great decision I made for my business' growth!
  • Nancy Braun, Real Trends Top 1% Agent.  Broker Owner of Showcase Realty
    Nancy Braun, Real Trends Top 1% Agent. Broker Owner of Showcase Realty - CYP has made our job 100 times easier. The freelancers are able to do the more tedious jobs that no one wants to do and lets us focus on the important tasks. All of them are a pleasure to work with, they are trained well, speak fluent English and get the jobs done correctly. This has saved us thousands of dollars and we would never go back!
  • Dave Franeki, Capstone Capital USA
    Dave Franeki, Capstone Capital USA - Straight and to the point, good service and punctual.  Got me into social media.
  • Dan Shaker, Agent Century 21
    Dan Shaker, Agent Century 21 - The team at CYP has helped me systematize my business.
  • Chris Eagan, Broker Owner Eagan Realty Group
    Chris Eagan, Broker Owner Eagan Realty Group - Our assistant assigned to us is so patient, understanding and willing to learn, to do a great job. His quick learning skills help us with our productivity and business focus. It's been great having his help. This company really knows how to help our company acquire such good people. Also I must add that CYP really understands how businesses works, how these freelancers works, and really goes out of their way to make sure everything is in order and functional, and makes sure we are satisfied. Excellent service.
  • Janet Kuehn, Broker at Southern Breezes Real Estate
    Janet Kuehn, Broker at Southern Breezes Real Estate - Our Va is doing a good job for us. I have tried so many VAS in the past and been severely disappointed. It was a little rocky start but there have been no issues since he has learned our system. I am grateful that he was available for us! I cannot say enough good things about him and the job he is doing for us. In the very short time he has been with us he has become an important pillar of our team. His quality of work has freed me up to focus on business expansion and has relieved a tremendous amount of stress. I am one grateful client!
  • Brandy Nelson, Broker Windermere Real Estate
    Brandy Nelson, Broker Windermere Real Estate - I was very pleased with the fast and seamless set up process. VA was attentive and I'm very happy with his work.  This has given me more time to do other tasks needed and saved me a lot of stress.
  • Jessie Goodman, Agent with EXP Realty
    Jessie Goodman, Agent with EXP Realty - I am extremely pleased with the quality of the VA I have been assigned as well as the training and assistance that the administrative team has to offer.