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Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the world. I’m hoping that this will be a place where you figure things out and put the pieces together – getting more done with less is always a puzzle.

Just to give you an idea about me, I am the laziest hard working person you will ever meet. I love to work, but hate having a job (if that makes sense). If someone stuck me in a room and said make me something cool and left me alone until I was done that would rock!

I enjoy helping other business owners – especially since thats what I have been since I was a kid. I come from a family of small business owners as well.

In my opinion there are 4 main forces of nature that are against us small business owners, they are

1. Labor Costs
2. Rent/Office Space
3. IRS taxes
4. Value driven customers (this one is newer in my opinion)

At our site here, we cover all of them (even #2, we can find you an expert lease negotiator).

I hope to turn this blog into an expanded how-to rise above these 4 challenges. If there is a staffing challenge that you are facing, I would love to add my two cents and try to help out, regardless of where your staffer is from.

Good Luck and Good Profits to you!
Daniel Keltner

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