WARNING! You may be wasting your time in Real Estate.

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How long has it been since you figured out the following question?

“What are you earning per hour?”
If you are like most of the Real Estate Brokers we work with, the answer is NEVER.
This one metric can change your life. Let’s do an example.

The Formula:
Income – Expenses = Net Income – 30% for taxes = Monthly Profit / Hours worked

$10,000 – $4,000 (Staff, Rent, Broker splits, phone etc.) = $6,000.00 – 30% =
$4,200.00 Profit / 200 hours = $21.00 per hour.

I don’t know about you, but we have employees that almost make this wage.

You did not get into Real Estate to earn $21.00 per hour working 50 evening and weekend hours per week.

Cutyourpayroll.com helps Real Estate Brokers increase their hourly wages. We do this by assessing what you do during the day and helping you accomplish those low paying tasks using trained ultra low wage Virtual Assistants.

This allows you to focus your time doing higher paying activities, like marketing and making sales.

Want to know more?

Email us at info@cutyourpayroll.com
Call us at 216-314-6353
or simply open the chat box on our site to the right!

Happy Selling!




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