How a VA can put a little pep in your step part 2 or 3

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This post will be one of the most “out-there” posts I have done to date, enjoy.

I am excited to share part 2 our 3 part series on how a VA can put a little pep in your step.

In today’s post I want to share a secret weapon with you. I personally used it 3 weeks ago when I got back from a long trip and came home to utter chaos. (Chaos as-in so much to do, 3 busy companies to run each with it’s own set of issues to solve, a family to take care of etc.)

I was stressed out and overwhelmed. Also – I was so busy, I couldn’t even figure out where to start on getting control back.

My Trick is a modern spin on the 80/20 principal, Meditation and Outsourcing. It works like a charm every time.

I am now going to show you how you can use the 80/20 combined with Mediation and Virtual Assistants to guide your way into a stress free lifestyle. Time required? 1 hour, once per month.

Let’s assume 3 things – (Each hyperlinks to evidence in the email preview sent, if you desire check out)

1. Meditation is good and is rumored to have health benefits*
2. Outsourcing/Globalization is the future, you are either on that bus or you are waving goodbye to its passengers as they pass you by.
3. The 80/20 Principal is real and proven.

* Disclaimer – I am not a Doctor or play one the Internet. Do your own research J

Ok – Let’s start our experiment

1. Meditate

Find a quiet place and meditate for 10-20 minutes. Don’t know how? Click here – It’s super easy and actually fun.

For those of you who have not meditated, the goal is to “Get back to breath”. This is a point where you are focused and thinking about nothing except breathing. When you do it really well, you will not even be thinking about the breathing part.

There are many rumored benefits, but the biggest in my opinion is allowing your brain to rest for a short while. If you think about it, your mind is even very active when you are asleep as you dream.
A rested brain is less stressed, thinks clearer and with less effort.

The realty for beginners is that your mind will bounce from subject to subject like a Monkey in a cage trying to escape. You will have to wrestle it down and make it relax. Practice makes perfect.

As you start to drift off into meditation lala land, you will notice your brain circling around 3-4 central themes or subjects. These are the things that are most likely stressing you out. Some may be very big life goals etc. and that is ok.

Once we come out of this exercise, we are going to document everything down. This is where our 80/20 is going to come in.

2. 80/20

Then start your 80/20 engines! You are going to move the top 20% of the items that cause you 80% of your stress to the top of your to-do list. We are going to break down our list in categories, then sub tasks.

This will give us focus. Focus is a talked about trait of the highest of high performers. Listen to big people talk who have achieve much. Focus is always mentioned.

3. Outsourcing Execution

If you are stressed, chances are – you have too much to take care of on your own. Now that you have a clear road map of what needs done, it’s time to hire an assistant.

Each subject you wrote down from the Meditate + 80/20 exercises will have a laundry list of sub tasks required in order to create a positive outcome.

We are going to delegate those sub tasks out to people to get them done as fast as we possibly can.

That’s it. The reason this works is simple. You are exercising control over what is most stressful to you, thereby eliminating stress. It’s all about those small wins and regaining control over the big perceived tough obstacles.

That’s why a psyhciatrist tells their anxiety patients to make their bed every morning. They are exercising control over their environment starting first thing every morning.

Still not motivated to give this a try?

Take a look at some of what the experts think about Stress and it’s effect on the human body. It will be motivation to try this out.

Next time you think that you

Don’t have the time to meditate,
Don’t have time to do an 80/20 analysis or
Don’t have time to say goodbye to stress,

Do, think about hiring us at

You are not alone. Helping you achieve your goals is what we do.


Daniel Keltner, CEO/Founder

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