Spring Staffing Sale

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We’re looking for Top Producing Brokers and Agents

Spring is here and you are about to be slammed busy…

You need some help but you don’t even have the time to ask for it.

We have you covered.

Not only do we have the Virtual Assistant you need, We also have U.S. Based managers that will manage your Virtual Assistant and their projects so you don’t have to.

Currently, I am looking to place these 4 Virtual Assistants with a busy top producer type Agent or Broker.

1. Phone Sales / ISA – $8.90 per hour
– Create a custom campaign calling Expireds, Fsbos, Just listeds etc.

2. Admin – MLS and General Tasks – $7.90 per hour
– Creating CMAs, BPOs, Entering Listings, Offer Handling etc.

3. Website Builder – $9.90 per hour
– Create full IDX websites, Landing Pages, Lead Pages etc.

4. Digital Marketer – $8.90 per hour
– Trained by www.digitalmarketer.com, specializing in email drip campaigns and list building, Listing Marketing.

These 4 Virtual Assistants are first come first serve and took me months to train. Once someone snags them up, they will be gone. So act fast.

To get started: click the link below to schedule a consultation call. We don’t just work with everyone, so we will need to speak with you first.


Daniel Keltner, CEO/Founder

See what our clients are saying…

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