Spend less time on your phone and email while increasing sales – A 3 Step plan.

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Step 1.  Creating 2 hours of daily free time.

This one is complicated.  Do you have a team?  If not, you are going to have to make some sacrifices.  The first step is to write down what you do every 15 minutes for a week.

Analyze those blocks of time to see what activities should be nixed.  If you are doing activities that can be handed off to an assistant it’s time to start delegating.

If you are wasting time or doing something that leads to wasted time, stop it.  Ie. Internet research, yahoo news.

What do I define as a waste of time?  Any activity that does not make customers walk into your establishment.

Do you have a team or assistant?  Click here for an advanced lesson in inbox/phone rules based outsourcing.>

Step 2.  Create a Database based on your ideal customer

Who is the person that is an ideal candidate to buy from you?  Write down 10 characteristics about them.  We call this your Avatar.

You can either go into your market and meet them, then add them to your database one at a time, or you can contact some of the big data warehouses and purchase a list of these type of customers.

Here are a few places you can go.

  1. www.infousa.com
  2. www.srds.com
  3. www.data.com

3.  Blog, podcast, youtube video and/or social media your message out to your database.

I personally like blogging, but you can choose whatever is most doable to you.  As long as you do something.  The whole purpose of blogging non-sales type messages to your group is three-fold.

1.  We want to establish ourselves as the expert in that market and 2.  We want to be top of mind consciousness of our prospect for that moment when they do actually need some help and last 3.  We want our contact info to be handy for when number 2 happens.  Click here for a diagram of this blogging strategy>

Sounds simple right? Sometimes the best things in life are.





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