Policies and Disclosures

The fine print

Please review our policies and disclosures.  Our goal is to set expectations up front so that you can make an informed decision about hiring us.

Guarantee Policy

Cutyourpayroll.com agrees to send our clients a minimum of 2 listing leads per billing week.  If for any reason we do not send our client 2 listing leads, that billing week will be voided.

Here is an example of possible billing scenarios:

Cutyourpayroll reviews billing every 2 weeks (Bi-weekly).

Cutyourpayroll delivers one lead on the first week of service and 4 leads on the following weeks service.

The client will receive a comped (voided) invoice for the first week of services and an invoice for the second week of service.

Review Policy

Client agrees to allow Cutyourpayroll.com the opportunity to resolve any disputes privately.

Our family depends on our good reputation in the industry and we ask that you allow us the opportunity to maintain that good reputation.

People are depending on us to support their families.

Clients agree to submit any complaints to kkeltner@cutyourpayroll.com and allow 24-72 hours for Cutyourpayroll.com to address those complaints.

Clients agree to not submit negative ratings online until all efforts to resolve disputes have been made directly and privately with Cutyourpayroll.

Refund Policy

In the event that the client is unhappy with the quality of the leads provided, the client agrees to receive a credit on their invoice to be applied to the following week's services.

The client agrees to not submit a chargeback or credit dispute to their payment provider.

This causes damage to Cutyourpayroll.com's credit merchant provider relationship which the client could be liable for.

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