Moral Dilemmas in regards to Outsourcing work to foreign Virtual Assistants

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Hello All – I promise to make an effort to blog more often in the coming months.  I am often inspired to write something and have to write it down, because I am too busy.  I see the irony here – I should Outsource more, haha.

I want to share with you some feedback we get from our clients when we assist them in Outsourcing their work.

“This has changed our life”

“You have had such a great impact on our business”

“I now have my personal life back”

And on and on it goes.

This goes for our contractors as well.  We offer a wage that is competitive and allows people to support a family and things like that in the developing world.

So what about the jobs lost in the states?  Here is my answer to those type questions, “Who wants these job that we are outsourcing and how much are employers willing pay for them?”.

This calms the conversation in of itself.

The bigger questions is, “What will we do with our time now that these jobs that no one wants are gone?”.  Innovate, create and do higher level type things would be my response.  I believe we have one of the most innovative cultures in the world.  We create amazing movies, sports, web products etc. that the whole world loves!

I would like to leave you with this question.  If you Outsourced two/thirds of your day, what would YOU do with that free time?

We believe something great!

Daniel Keltner


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