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” I had a moment in morning last week when my mind was so clear that I became inspired.  Thanks to Outsourcing and my Virtual Assistants, I have more of these moments lately. 

Inspiration is such a big deal that I actually made a note to myself to blog about it (in an effort to help others achieve this state of Nirvana).  My note was an effort to replicate the conditions that foster Inspiration (since it is so rare).

 Here is what I came up with.” 


3 Key things that breed Inspiration

 1.  How it starts

Here is how it starts for me.  I must have a clear mind for an extended period of time (Could be weeks).  This is almost a meditation type state.  With life going on all around us at all times, this is harder than it sounds.  So how do we achieve this state of mind?  Here is the answer – Two things, First we remove every single decision possible that we have to make on a daily basis.  Next, we block as much as possible incoming traffic/noise that can interrupt our trains of thoughts.  So examples of this would be laying out your clothes a week ahead of time, decide to eat the same things for breakfast or lunch etc, and allow others to just decide on things for you.  Blocking traffic/noise would be as simple as not watching news or reading it for one week.

 2.  What topics fuel it

For this, I would say anything that you are passionate about.  This can be fighting injustice, solving problems for people or just being creative.  Just spend more of your time thinking about these things, how they relate to you and others.  If you spend more time thinking about doing things you enjoy, you will get inspired.

 3.  How long it lasts

Not long at all.  Always be prepared to grab inspiration and run with it.  When you have a dream while you are asleep, it is usually forgotten as soon as you get out of bed, unless you in fact write it down.  Google  was founded in this brief moment as well.  The founder had an idea,  grabbed a pen,  wrote it down and the rest was history.

So slow down and reset whenever possible. 

There are great places a moment of inspiration can take you.


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