How to generate seller listing leads

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Here are 3 quick and easy things you can do to generate seller leads today.

The real estate market continues to turn in almost every market in the nation. Many top performing brokers have been chasing buyers online for some time now. You may even be one of them. I say, why not sellers…

If we are going to bother jumping into the “Online lead pool”, let’s jump into the less crowded pool.


Most buyers and sellers hop online first to mull over their options in properties and brokers first. The number is over 88% of them as of the last report. If we are going after seller leads, we will need to consider what the heck they are doing while they are online. Also, what is it exactly a seller is looking for online.

We find that sellers are doing 3 things online for the most part.

  1. Home searches
  2. Home value searches
  3. Tips and resource searches
  1. Home SearchesSellers are doing regular old property searches. They are sizing up the competition online. They are searching for homes for sale in their areas to see what they are going for. The biggest places they are searching?
    1. – BTW, look at their home page. Its search centered. Quick and Home searches.
    2. Local Realtor sites
    3. and – Both have enhanced Realtor profile views.
    4. Search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. – This one can be tricky. Call us and we would be happy to walk you through.

    Are you appearing when they search these areas? Do you have a simple IDX site up and running? What CRM are you using once you get a lead? WordPress sites can be created with IDX for around $500.00. Do you understand how SEO works and how to increase your SEO presence? Your name should be in front of these people at least 2 or 3 times during this search process (It takes a combination of 2-3 impressions and 2-3 physical touches to make a sale). Do a check yourself and then roll your sleeves up. There is always something you can do on each of these points above to show up.

  2. House ValuesSellers will be researching websites that offer them a quick and easy home valuation. This is how Zillow got to be so popular, the Zestimate (*sigh* give me a break). You know their values are not really even accurate. It does not matter. Sellers don’t know that and they take the bait every time. We have to educate them on the value of a local expert’s opinion.

    A new trend is for brokers to take this home evaluation and offer a premium version. A “micro-site” can be created for around $250.00. The “micro-site” can be 2-3 pages and just offer a professional CMA valuation from a local broker in the simple exchange of the sellers email address. Couple this with Google Adwords and you can consistently generate seller leads. This is one you can run with TODAY. You can also even use Facebook ad to direct seller leads to your “micro-site” for pennies.

  3. Tips and Resources for sellersKill them with information. Articles on, How to sell your home in 30 days. 6 tips to get top dollar for your home. Etc. Etc. You get the idea. We can even use that same “micro-site” that you created earlier, just add a blog page to it. WordPress would be the way to go, it’s quick, easy and you can post the blog easily yourself.

    Think about this from your own point of view. I can give you every step to changing your break pads successfully, it doesn’t mean your going to bother with it. Good articles are just going to reinforce that you are an area expert. That’s what a seller is looking for.

    The master hands down of seller direct response ads is Craig Proctor. Hands down. His stuff works.

In closing,

You need to beef up your online presence. You can’t afford not to. Our online presence is simple. We want to be a source of properties and information. It’s back to basics as the market becomes equal again. People want to deal with a Realtor they know, like and trust. Online is the best place to ooze those qualities, before it’s too late and the seller finds someone else.

All of these things above can be started in 1 week for less than $1,000.00. You can’t afford not to do this stuff. After you start, 1 blog post per week should be a great start to building a blog with rich evergreen content.

Oh and by the way – This online stuff is permanent*. Once it’s done, the dividends can be collected for years. * Until the internet police take it away.

Work smarter, not harder. Follow the footsteps of the top producers doing this on the next level.

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