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Blog how to


There is an ultra simple way to blog consistently every week. I want to share a system with you that I have been using for the past 12 months to write about 50 blog posts.

FYI – Steps 5, 6 and 7 are done by my personal Virtual Assistant.

There are several reasons why a Realtor should blog.

Here’s 3…

1. The content will make your website SEO friendly for Google. This will allow future searchers to find you easily on the web.

2. Prospects will have a non-threatening way to follow you and buy into the way you do business. It will also frame you as an authority on your topic, this is major in the new economy.

3. Your articles can be recycled down the road and used in email campaigns for new prospects who opt-in to your marketing.

7 Steps to blog painlessly

1. Walk around with a notepad at all times.

2. Think about shareable ideas or topics of conversation. Don’t force it, just keep it in the back of your mind. Inspiration will happen and if you have your notepad with you, you will be ready.

3. In your notebook, have a long list of topics. I call them “starts”. This could be a core idea or piece of inspiration that causes you to pause and reflect. I typically write just enough to get the blog title and a description sentence, unless I feel like writing more in the moment, but I rarely do.

4. On Monday mornings, be ritualistic about getting your piece written. I like to go to my list of “start’s” and expand on the one topic that I am interested in writing about that morning.

5. If you prefer to hand write your pieces first ( I personally do ), you can either use this step to type them over into a word doc, OR take a picture of the piece of paper and email it to your VA for transcription.

6. This is where I take a load off. I like to get the post over to my VA and have them create the teaser email in Mailchimp, Aweber or Infusionsoft, create the WordPress page, include some stats, pictures, affiliate hyperlinks to products etc. etc. All this is really important and can be done by your VA.

7. Do a final review of your Vas work and approve the sending and submission of your post.

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Have a great week!

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