Here is how works.

Step 1 – You inquire.   A client in need of some affordable help with daily tasks contacts us.  The get started button on our homepage  or below is your first step to getting helpful resources about outsourcing.  You will also be contacted by us at this point so that we can assess your needs.

Step 2 – We asses your needs.  We do an initial interview to determine your needs via Phone, Email or Skype. The call can be from 5 minutes to an hour. Up to you.  The more info you give us, the better we can serve you.

Step 3 – We draft our action plan.  After our initial meeting together, CutYourPayroll will begin looking for the appropriate Virtual Assistant based on your project, tasks or position. We will then train the assistant on the scope of work you request.

Step 4 – Execution.   You enter your payment info via our secure signup page on our website and we will execute on our agreed plan from step 3.

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(Just fill out our short interest form to tell us about your business and what you’re looking for. We’ll handle the rest!)