How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business and your days off. – Part 3 of 3

adult-adhdHow to outsource: Routine Tasks

This week’s final piece is going to be the shortest on the subject.

I want to apologize for my delay between posts here. I was on an extended trip over the past two weeks and to be honest, I was working too much back home and just decided to “cut the cord” for the trip.

In our last post, we talked about outsourcing our phones. Another major win and step towards your goal of working smarter not harder.

Prior to my most recent two week bug-out, I realized I was working way too much. I was spending large amounts of time behind my laptop just trying to grow my business. (Sound familiar?)

So, I set a goal for myself – Cut my “behind the laptop time” by two hours every day. Sounds tough right? To be honest, it was. The following week, I took note of my routines. What I found was that I could cut about two hours of laptop time by outsourcing tasks that I did daily.

As a CEO, there are certain things to check daily to ensure our marketing efforts are on track. Removing that process of logging into a website and checking the data and recording it down was where I started. I realize your business is probably different, but this article is just meant to inspire you.

Put a note above your desk or above your laptop (somewhere that you will see it at all times). The note should read – “Am I the only one that can do this? Am I being efficient rather than being effective?”

Here are 3 example videos of the recent personal assistant I hired for myself below. The videos may be a little like watching paint dry, but again, they are just to inspire you. Anything can be taught when you are using a training video to teach your VA. I would share the entire library of his training with you, but there’s some Non-Public information in the other videos.

If you have any questions about how to create videos like this, drop me a line at . I would be happy to teach you how to do this. It’s ultra easy to do and takes little time.

Example Task video 1.

Example Task video 2.

Example Task video 3.

If we created 10-20 videos like this that save us an average of 5-10 minutes each, that is 1 to 4 hours per day saved!

In Closing:
Here was an excellent video about meditation by iconic entrepreneur, Russell Simmons. It’s an hour long, but you simply must watch it! – Warning: Intelligent content but it is Explicit.

In it he says, “If you can’t find 5 minutes to meditate, you need 20.”

This is my message to you as well. If you can’t set aside 5 minutes per day to create a training video for your virtual assistant, you need to set aside 20 minutes. Meaning, if you can’t find 5 minutes to train your staff daily, you have some major problems.

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