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What is your highest and best use?
You know this concept from Real Estate class, but did you ever really apply it to your career?

In Real Estate: the reasonably probable and legal use of property, that is physically possible, appropriately supported, and financially feasible, and that results in the highest value.

In your professional life:  The best use of your time and efforts, so that if you spent a few hours a day doing certain things, everything else would fall into place.

In the book that we talked about last week, The One Thing, Gary Keller talks about how Steven King writes for 4 hours every single morning.  It’s his one thing.  So the question is, does he do this because he is Steven King? Or, is he Steven King because he does this?

The One Thing: By Gary Keller

You may not like his style of humor, but Jerry Seinfeld has a method for being funny that is modeled by several other successful comedians.

Jerry decided he wanted to be a great comedian and the best use of his time would be to write jokes for an hour or two every single day.  In order to keep his eye on the ball, he would hang a large calendar on the wall and mark a large red X through each day that he wrote jokes on.  His one thing was to write jokes and not break the red X chain.

I couldn’t find Jerry saying this although I have seen a video of him saying it.  Here is a girl that explains his method quickly and simply.

Jerry Seinfeld Quotes – Celebrity Organizing Secrets (video)

The Contest:
In Real estate, the highest and best use of our time is Prospecting and Marketing.  It’s our One Thing.

Are you doing something outside of the box for Prospecting and Marketing?  Do you have a system?  Please share it with us in the comments.

The first 3 people to share one of their prospecting methods in the comments below will win a free virtual assistant for 30 days!  What a great way to start some of those projects you have on the books for 2015 or spend more time on YOUR One Thing!

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7 Comments on “Free Virtual Assistant contest”

  1. Bob Coffey

    I carry business cards with me everywhere I go. When I get a conversation going with someone, in the grocery line for example or anywhere, I give them a business card. Goal is to pass out an average of 5 or more per day.
    Thank you!

  2. Laura

    Prospecting for sale by owners by walking the neighbor hood and knocking on doors.

  3. Jesse Allison

    A friendly face and snacks at an open house are a great way to get to know buyers and before you know it you are showing homes to people who are your new friends!

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