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Here is a recent success story from a long-time client. Bob Zachmeier is willing to share his success with others in hopes that they will see the same results.

“The Four Commission Lunch”

By Bob Zachmeier

On a recent trip, I met with a college friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years. He asked about the real estate market and I shared these facts:

  • Home prices are rising and will continue to rise if more buyers could get loans.
  • Banks are turning down HALF┬áthe borrowers who apply including business owners, investors, and buyers with less than two years at their current job.
  • We find retirees to fund qualified buyers that the banks turn down.

My friend excitedly asked: “If I have $50,000 in my retirement account, could I buy a property from you?”

Today I put TWO properties under contract with my friend’s IRA. He bought unlisted properties from a seller who owns several free and clear homes.

Can you believe it? Simply sharing what’s happening in the real estate market turned my leisure lunch with an old friend into FOUR Commissions!

Hmmmm….. who should I take to lunch tomorrow?

Do you know people with money in a retirement account?

Curious about how I found the seller of the unlisted properties?

Want to know what I said to convince them to carry the loans?

Want to create double-commission sales without appraisers or lenders?

Agents all over the U.S. are creating deals like these in minutes! I can show you too if you’re open to discovering new ways to solve client’s problems.

Click here to find out how I did it. >

The most expensive thing you can own is a closed mind.

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