Daniel Keltner, has been incutyourpayroll_history the real estate industry for over 15 years.
After about a decade, he decided to get some help. He hired staff and his projects began moving smoothly. Great!

The only issue was that his overhead was now killing his profit margins. He wanted to grow the business, but every subsequent hire cost him more and more. Once Payroll tax and health care was added, the costs became unaffordable.

Out of necessity, he looked into outsourcing some of his web work to foreign contractors. They were less expensive than US workers and still had the same tools and skills found in the States.

Five years later outsourced virtual assistants make up over 70% of Daniel’s team. There were MANY challenges along the way. Learning to handle the time zone and language differences proved difficult. This gave Daniel an idea.

Daniel would start a company that fast tracked other small business owners to Outsourcing success. He systemized the training and recruitment processes. Then, he installed a software project platform to work in, and capture screenshots of his Vas at work. This bridges the gap between small business owners and addresses accountability for VA hours billed to small business owners.
Cutyourpayroll.com was born.

Most business owners are busy juggling day to day tasks and don’t have the time to find, train and retain their own contractors. Cut Your Payroll can assist small business owners with these critical items – Short or Long term.

Not everyone is familiar with the legal compliance and tax issues that can arise from foreign outsourcing.
Thankfully CutYourPayroll is well-versed in all of this, thanks to Daniel’s (and his client’s) own experiences.
This is how our company was created. To help those busy small-business owners achieve lower labor costs while maintaining high service levels to their customers and clients via outsourcing.