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3 Pro’s and 3 Con’s of hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The 3 Pros:

1.  Reduced Cost.

Using a Virtual Assistant comes with some major cost savings.  The biggest cost savings is taxes.  When you outsource to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, you’re able to deduct 100% of that cost*.  In-house w2 employees typically come with a tax burden in which you have to match 1/2 of the employees tax burdens.*

  • Please consult your local CPA for more info on this topic.

Another cost savings with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is the office and equipment expense.  VA’s don’t need to come into your office, therefore you don’t need to rent costly square footage to accommodate them.  You also typically don’t need to supply them with computers, phones or other costly equipment.

Lastly,  and this is a big one also, employee benefits.  VA’s typically don’t need to be given paid days off, maternity leave, vacation days, sick days etc.  This poses a significant savings to Real Estate Broker entrepreneurs.

2.  Real Estate Virtual Assistants make happier team members.

Real Estate VAs are happier for good reasons.  To name a few.  They have no commute to work.  This is not a huge deal in some cities, but in cities like NYC or LA, this can save a VA 2 to 3 hours of commute time every single day!

Working remotely also offers great flexibility in work hours.I personally like to to start at 6am and break around noon, then go back to work after a long lunch and workout.  The options are endless, but often not possible working a 9am to 5pm office job.

Other reasons for increased happiness include lack of micromanagement (no one over their shoulder), the ability to be creative and the lack of office politics to deal with.

3.  Reduced Legal Risk

Let’s be real, employee people can be very risky.  People get hurt on the job,  they get harassed by a co-worker or manager and bring law suits etc.  They damage your new equipment etc.

Removing the on-site human element eliminates a majority of these legal risks.

The 3 Cons:

1.  They are not here!

There are plenty of tech solutions out there to bring you and your VA today.

Personally, I use Skype for messaging with my VA right from my cell throughout the day.  Just download the app in iTunes or Google Play and install it on your smart phone.

For meetings, we like to use  This is a great service and allows me to walk my VAs through tasks as well as record the meetings for later training use.

Not an “app” person?  Get a RingCentral Account and get your VA a phone line of their own.  This allows you to call or text your VA.  This way, you can delegate tasks on the fly as they come in or get phone support from your VA.

2.  I can’t tell if they’re working.

It can be scary to imagine some rouge employee “milking the clock” on your dime while you’re out there busting your butt.  In realty, this is rarely an issue.  Most Real Estate VAs won’t want to mess with a good thing.

There are 3 easy things we can do to ensure that we are receiving value however.

1.  Have your VA install a time tracker on their pc.  Use a service like to get an idea of what your VA is doing all day.  Even if you never check the reports, your people know they are being watched and will work harder.

2.  Have a morning Daily Huddle.  These can be as fast as 2 minutes long, just to set the expectation about what you’d like your VA to do today.

3.  Have your VA submit a Daily Log.  This is a quick email report about what your VA got done today.

3.  I can’t train them if they are not next to me.

Being a Real Estate Virtual Assistant firm involves constant learning.  This is because new Real Estate tools are being created constantly.

To keep up, 1st, we leverage all the video training available online already.  Ie.  If you sign up for a RedX subscription, have your VA follow their Youtube channel 1st, before you start creating your own trainings.

Need to teach your VA something technical?  Here’s 3 quick steps to teach ANYONE anything.

1.  Record the steps to complete the task on a notepad while you do it yourself.

2.  Simply the instructions and type them up on a Word doc.  Less is better!

3.  Use a screen recording software like Camtasia or and record yourself actually doing the task.  Then share a link of the video with your VA.

If you’d like to have a discussion about getting a Real Estate Virtual Assistant or Real Estate Inside Sales Assistant up and running in your practice, feel free to email us at: or call us at 216-314-6353.


5 Quick-Tips on how to train a Virtual Assistant. (Or any assistant for that matter!) By Daniel Keltner

Training is one of the hardest parts of being a small business owner.  Most of us are just too busy to devote the time to properly train our new staffers.  Sitting next to our special new hire day in and day out for 30 days while they learn the ropes of the job is grueling.

This article will share with you some of the hacks I personally use to train people that are over 2,000 miles away from me every day.

I often set these up in the evening if I know that I may not want to work/train the next morning.

I sincerely hope you get some use out of this list below:

1.’s – Camtasia product + Google Drives:  Many times, I will have a trainee that I know comes in tomorrow, and I know that I won’t be there to be with them.  Drop the video file into a folder that you share with your assistant and they will have the training in the AM – (while you sleep in if desired.)

2.     Youtube + Word doc combo – What I do is find/Google 4-5 videos that I feel would be useful for my VA to know.  Then, I type a brief instruction into a Word Doc and paste a hyperlink to the video.

3.     Paid Courses, like NAR etc. – Since most of our clients are Real Estate Brokers, we go to sites like with accredited courses.  These training courses are excellent and save you hours of time.

4.     Resource areas – Realtors use several different tools like MLS, WordPress etc. that have their very own training libraries.  These video tutorials can teach your VA more than you know on how to use the MLS.

5.    Coaching Resources areas – Great minds often have a coach.  Coaches are a great source for training materials and business plans.  If you have a coach (hopefully you do!), ask your coach for some training resources for your people.

Here is the magic of these tech bothers….  If things don’t work out with your trainee, these videos and docs will be there for your next one.   This will save you from future work or the feeling of having to settle on an assistant just because you have time invested in them.

Hope you have a great rest of the day!

WARNING! You may be wasting your time in Real Estate.


How long has it been since you figured out the following question?

“What are you earning per hour?”
If you are like most of the Real Estate Brokers we work with, the answer is NEVER.
This one metric can change your life. Let’s do an example.

The Formula:
Income – Expenses = Net Income – 30% for taxes = Monthly Profit / Hours worked

$10,000 – $4,000 (Staff, Rent, Broker splits, phone etc.) = $6,000.00 – 30% =
$4,200.00 Profit / 200 hours = $21.00 per hour.

I don’t know about you, but we have employees that almost make this wage.

You did not get into Real Estate to earn $21.00 per hour working 50 evening and weekend hours per week. helps Real Estate Brokers increase their hourly wages. We do this by assessing what you do during the day and helping you accomplish those low paying tasks using trained ultra low wage Virtual Assistants.

This allows you to focus your time doing higher paying activities, like marketing and making sales.

Want to know more?

Email us at
Call us at 216-314-6353
or simply open the chat box on our site to the right!

Happy Selling!




How a Virtual Assistant can put a little pep in your step. Part 3 of 3.

Family-Fun How a Virtual Assistant can put a little pep in your Step, Part 3.

This post will be short and sweet.

Spending more time with your Friends, Family and Yourself is good for you. You probably even want to do it, but you don’t have the time.

How much time do we need? Let’s focus on freeing up 2 hours per day. If we fall short of our goal even by half, who cares, that’s 5 hours freed up per week. Assuming you only work 5 days and we know Realtors do work more.

If you do hit your goal of working 2 hours less per day, that’s 10 hours per week saved.

That equals out to 2 lunch dates with your souse + 2 play dates with your daughters or boys + 1 Monday night NFL game out with the boys. You get the idea. Let’s just call it 10 more hours of actual life per week.

I don’t need to sell you on the benefits of a lunch out with your spouse (you know how happy that will make them). How about fathers spending more time with their daughters?

Check this out this book called Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. The premise is that fathers are the ones who influence their daughter’s growth most. – A MUST read for fathers of daughters.

There are hidden benefits of spending time with friends too. Click here to read more on that.

So how do we achieve this using a VA? I would recommend writing down on a worksheet, what you do throughout the day today.

And here is a great delegation quiz for you as well. – Delegation Sheet

Delegation is the secret sauce.

Take notice of what only you can do and what can be handed off. Most of us – Including myself, only do 2-4 hours of actual high impact work everyday, on a good day. The rest is wasted time.

As you get into this practice of logging your tasks and what you do, start reviewing it in the mornings. Think about what your day would look like if you just spent the morning delegating and handing things off that you normally do yourself.

This process of delegation is awkward in the beginning but practice does make perfect. It will not be long before you get the hang of this process, so stick with it. It will pay major dividends for you soon.

Most people I talk with say to me, “I don’t know what a VA can actually do.” That is the wrong question to be asking though.
The question to ask is – “What can’t my VA do?” Assuming they can’t do much is just an easy way out from taking the time to train and delegate.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric spent up to half of his days just following up with his staff? It seemed to work well for him. His quote, “You build the best team, you win”.

I will take his word for it. During his 20-year tenure, he increased GE’s company value by 4,000%. Not too shabby.

Spending the first hour or two of your morning delegating off to your Virtual Assistant can and will save you all the time you need to put that pep in your step.

If you need help, feel free to contact us. Helping Brokers achieve their goals is what we do at

How a VA can put a little pep in your step part 2 or 3

This post will be one of the most “out-there” posts I have done to date, enjoy.

I am excited to share part 2 our 3 part series on how a VA can put a little pep in your step.

In today’s post I want to share a secret weapon with you. I personally used it 3 weeks ago when I got back from a long trip and came home to utter chaos. (Chaos as-in so much to do, 3 busy companies to run each with it’s own set of issues to solve, a family to take care of etc.)

I was stressed out and overwhelmed. Also – I was so busy, I couldn’t even figure out where to start on getting control back.

My Trick is a modern spin on the 80/20 principal, Meditation and Outsourcing. It works like a charm every time.

I am now going to show you how you can use the 80/20 combined with Mediation and Virtual Assistants to guide your way into a stress free lifestyle. Time required? 1 hour, once per month.

Let’s assume 3 things – (Each hyperlinks to evidence in the email preview sent, if you desire check out)

1. Meditation is good and is rumored to have health benefits*
2. Outsourcing/Globalization is the future, you are either on that bus or you are waving goodbye to its passengers as they pass you by.
3. The 80/20 Principal is real and proven.

* Disclaimer – I am not a Doctor or play one the Internet. Do your own research J

Ok – Let’s start our experiment

1. Meditate

Find a quiet place and meditate for 10-20 minutes. Don’t know how? Click here – It’s super easy and actually fun.

For those of you who have not meditated, the goal is to “Get back to breath”. This is a point where you are focused and thinking about nothing except breathing. When you do it really well, you will not even be thinking about the breathing part.

There are many rumored benefits, but the biggest in my opinion is allowing your brain to rest for a short while. If you think about it, your mind is even very active when you are asleep as you dream.
A rested brain is less stressed, thinks clearer and with less effort.

The realty for beginners is that your mind will bounce from subject to subject like a Monkey in a cage trying to escape. You will have to wrestle it down and make it relax. Practice makes perfect.

As you start to drift off into meditation lala land, you will notice your brain circling around 3-4 central themes or subjects. These are the things that are most likely stressing you out. Some may be very big life goals etc. and that is ok.

Once we come out of this exercise, we are going to document everything down. This is where our 80/20 is going to come in.

2. 80/20

Then start your 80/20 engines! You are going to move the top 20% of the items that cause you 80% of your stress to the top of your to-do list. We are going to break down our list in categories, then sub tasks.

This will give us focus. Focus is a talked about trait of the highest of high performers. Listen to big people talk who have achieve much. Focus is always mentioned.

3. Outsourcing Execution

If you are stressed, chances are – you have too much to take care of on your own. Now that you have a clear road map of what needs done, it’s time to hire an assistant.

Each subject you wrote down from the Meditate + 80/20 exercises will have a laundry list of sub tasks required in order to create a positive outcome.

We are going to delegate those sub tasks out to people to get them done as fast as we possibly can.

That’s it. The reason this works is simple. You are exercising control over what is most stressful to you, thereby eliminating stress. It’s all about those small wins and regaining control over the big perceived tough obstacles.

That’s why a psyhciatrist tells their anxiety patients to make their bed every morning. They are exercising control over their environment starting first thing every morning.

Still not motivated to give this a try?

Take a look at some of what the experts think about Stress and it’s effect on the human body. It will be motivation to try this out.

Next time you think that you

Don’t have the time to meditate,
Don’t have time to do an 80/20 analysis or
Don’t have time to say goodbye to stress,

Do, think about hiring us at

You are not alone. Helping you achieve your goals is what we do.


Daniel Keltner, CEO/Founder

How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business and your days off. – Part 3 of 3

adult-adhdHow to outsource: Routine Tasks

This week’s final piece is going to be the shortest on the subject.

I want to apologize for my delay between posts here. I was on an extended trip over the past two weeks and to be honest, I was working too much back home and just decided to “cut the cord” for the trip.

In our last post, we talked about outsourcing our phones. Another major win and step towards your goal of working smarter not harder.

Prior to my most recent two week bug-out, I realized I was working way too much. I was spending large amounts of time behind my laptop just trying to grow my business. (Sound familiar?)

So, I set a goal for myself – Cut my “behind the laptop time” by two hours every day. Sounds tough right? To be honest, it was. The following week, I took note of my routines. What I found was that I could cut about two hours of laptop time by outsourcing tasks that I did daily.

As a CEO, there are certain things to check daily to ensure our marketing efforts are on track. Removing that process of logging into a website and checking the data and recording it down was where I started. I realize your business is probably different, but this article is just meant to inspire you.

Put a note above your desk or above your laptop (somewhere that you will see it at all times). The note should read – “Am I the only one that can do this? Am I being efficient rather than being effective?”

Here are 3 example videos of the recent personal assistant I hired for myself below. The videos may be a little like watching paint dry, but again, they are just to inspire you. Anything can be taught when you are using a training video to teach your VA. I would share the entire library of his training with you, but there’s some Non-Public information in the other videos.

If you have any questions about how to create videos like this, drop me a line at . I would be happy to teach you how to do this. It’s ultra easy to do and takes little time.

Example Task video 1.

Example Task video 2.

Example Task video 3.

If we created 10-20 videos like this that save us an average of 5-10 minutes each, that is 1 to 4 hours per day saved!

In Closing:
Here was an excellent video about meditation by iconic entrepreneur, Russell Simmons. It’s an hour long, but you simply must watch it! – Warning: Intelligent content but it is Explicit.

In it he says, “If you can’t find 5 minutes to meditate, you need 20.”

This is my message to you as well. If you can’t set aside 5 minutes per day to create a training video for your virtual assistant, you need to set aside 20 minutes. Meaning, if you can’t find 5 minutes to train your staff daily, you have some major problems.

Still here?! Share this article with whoever you think could use it.



How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business and your days off. – Part 2 of 3.

Picking up from last week’s nail biting cliff-hanger, the thing that starts with a “P” is,

Phones!! This includes your office and cell.
PS. We are only going to talk about Inbound calls today. Outbound calls are doable but fall under the sales category, so we will cover in a future post.

Last week we talked about how important it is to win small battles in order to achieve our goals and win our war. Here comes your next battle win.

Here’s why this is so big. Phone calls are like emails, they are a distraction and the world’s desire to consume your time. Yuck.

Here’s 3 good reasons to throw your cell phone off the next overpass or bridge.

    1. Decreased stress
      Have you ever taken a phone call that stressed you out for the next hour or two, or day or two?? I have – many times. These calls come from people who “don’t get their way” or are “having a bad day.” They are eager to make sure you feel their pain. Misery loves company right?

Stress can play a part in problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.

    1. Getting rid of time wasters
      There are a lot of sales people trying to sell us stuff (shame on you for not removing me from your telemarketing list after many requests).Some people just want to waste your day. It’s nice to get a message from your VA, emailed to you, that you can return when it’s convenient. Think you will ever get the 5 minutes back when you stepped away from your child on the swing to answer a phone call? Worse yet, after you hang up the phone, are you really engaged with your youngster, or are you distracted?

      Taking the time out to answer a call during prospecting or family time is craziness and puts us on the path to the poor house. (financially and emotionally)

      I am not saying that we need to go full on Howard Hughes recluse here. Your VA can be a buffer between you and the rest of the world.


  1. Higher conversion rates of leads-to-customers.
    We are not always able to answer our phones. When you’re with clients, watching a movie with the kids or whatever. Here’s a FACT – Phone leads dealt with within the first 5-10 minutes convert 90% more often than a lead called back after one hour.

Converting even 50% more leads would be a great reason to always have someone answering those calls live for you.

Here are 3 quick steps to slash your phone time in half.
Let’s use the Virtual Assistant that started helping you with email last week 😉

Step #1 – Forward your office line to your Virtual Assistant.

There are several online “soft-phones” available that allow your Virtual Assistant to turn their PC and a USB headset into a phone switchboard. We use Ring Central and Grasshopper, but there are many more. The average cost is about $30.00 per month per line. They have voicemail as well.
Pro-Tip, have your VA transcribe all your voicemails before you start work for the day as part of their daily routine. It’s much quicker to read an email than to listen to a voicemail. Also, emails can be forwarded, so if it’s a message about something you don’t have to handle, you can just forward it to the person who can handle it. That includes back to your VA.

Next, you need to forward your office line to your VA’s new phone number and begin a training session where you observe the VA answering the phones.

Next, we set up the rules for each type of phone call and write them down together with your VA.


  1. If caller is inquiring about one of our homes for sale => transfer to our buyer agent. (We have a sophisticated process for this one, but it works – I would be happy to share privately if you are interested)
  2. If caller is calling to set up a showing, obtain 2-3 acceptable times available and then contact our seller, then call agent back and confirm the showing.
  3. If caller is an appraiser, coordinate the appointment with everyone.
  4. If they are a new seller client – patch them directly to my cell phone.
  5. Broker questions on properties – answer if possible, if not, type up an email and send to me along with callers email address.
  6. Etc. Etc. There are several scenarios

I am going to tell you something with no exaggeration. Getting rid of my phone calls was the best thing I have ever done for my career. It has reduced my stress and my working hours on weekends by 90%.

My phone VA has been with me for so long that he helps most callers on his own using his own common sense and experience. All for $6.00 per hour.He routes people around me and is my gatekeeper.

Step #2 – Forward your current cell phone to your new office line answered by your VA

This step is going to be quick and easy.

Now that the VA understands what to do with phone calls, and you are comfortable with them answering the phones, it’s time to transfer your old faithful cell phone to them as well.

I know this sounds insane, trust me. It’s exhilarating.

Create a list of personal people that you want to give your new phone number. Keep it tight and keep it stress free. In the next step we are going to wrap up this phones project with –
You guessed it…

Step #3 – Your new cell phone

Your new cell phone is going to be your Batline.

This line will be strictly for friends, family and transferred calls from your VA that you decide you want to take.

Now that your VA is helping you out on your email, why not allow them to answer your phones while they are at it. Get as much value as you can out of your VA right?!

P.S. Ok – So far we have covered outsourcing your –

Email and Phones

Next week’s final topic will be on, Daily Routines! A daily routine is a group of tasks that you perform daily and brings you closer to your goals.

Tune in next week to view a daily routine blueprint. This blueprint allows my Virtual Assistant to take over 2 hours of work daily for me – and this doesn’t even include email and phones. This is a routine I used to do myself. For $12 per day, it’s now done for me 🙂

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How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business and your days off. ­ Part 1 of 3.

In this 3 part series, we will answer the most common question asked of us over here at

What can a Virtual Assistant do for my business?
Glad you asked! I wrote an article a few months back titled, The first eight tasks you should outsource. It was well received, but it was just a quick fly over on the topic. Over the next two weeks we will dive deeper and generate some more ideas for you.

This is high impact stuff and will change your life for the better.

Question: How are wars won?
Answer: By winning many small battles.

Winning your war I imagine would something look like this:

You doing 100+ transactions per year
You working 20 hours per week
You taking 2 to 3 vacations per year (not the keep it short or get fired kind either)

We have to win the small battles to win the war, but what are they? Let’s start with 5-10 minutes blocks of your day.

Saving 5-10 minutes of work, 5 to 6 times throughout your day ads up to a minimum of 6 hours a week. Here we go from 40 hours to 34 hours per week. Winning!

Yes ­ It is a lot of work to put this in place, but if we methodically remove ourselves from the minutia of every day business, it’s a victory. Small battles. This allows you to work with clients, convert leads or close deals. It allows you to do the big money / high impact tasks.

This week we will discuss the #1 timewaster fidget…Email. Let the battle begin!

Realtors spend an average of 3 hours checking and responding to email per day. Don’t bother looking for the stat, I couldn’t find one. I just asked a lot of Realtors. Email is a time waster. Period. You’re doing one thing and then you stop to look at a new email. You know it feels so wrong, but you just can’t help it. It’s distracting.

If we could allow ourselves an email diet of 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening, that would save us 2.5 hours per day or 12.5 hours per week. Want to see someone move with a purpose? Give them 15 minutes to clear their inbox at 12pm and 15 minutes again at 4pm.

This is a major battle win and puts us on the path to winning the war.

Email is the world’s desires on your time. Don’t bow down to their whims. Do what is important to you first and let Email be an after thought. Like checking your real mailbox. (All mine has is bills and junk mail, so it can wait! Haha)

Here are 3 tips and strategies to responsibly unplug from the matrix and hand off your Inbox to your Virtual Assistant.

Tip #1 ­ Email Rules
Most servers like Gmail and Outlook allow you to assign “Rules” to certain routine emails that come into your Inbox. Setting these rules up allows your server to recognize a routine email, forward it to your VA and file it away. All while you are away. I personally use this feature to cut my emails down by 50%. Thats 50% less time spent in the inbox trap.

Need examples?

  • –   Leads and customer inquires (My VA processes, enters them into our CRM, puts them on an MLS search E-Alert, Puts them on a drip and assigns them to a referral broker. <= Shake your money maker!)
  • –    Showing Feedback reports
  • –    Showing Requests on our listings
  • –    Junk mail I want opted out of.
  • –    Broker questions on our properties
  • –    Listing status edits
  • –    Etc. Etc.

Note: All the items above require a process to complete. Write the process, as you want it done, share it with the VA and set the rule up. Do it right once and kiss the task bye-bye forever.

Tip #2 ­ Random Acts of Task-ness

No doubt, you get lots of non-routine tasks that you kind of would like to get done as well. These can also invade your valuable real estate of the mind. Remember the highest and best rule.
I try to think as little as possible about emails as they come in, because I have my own agenda. Making X amount of $, while working X amount of hours. Anything else is a roadblock or mental hurdle.

More Examples…

  • –    Editing listings or putting in new ones you just locked down.
  • –    Attending webinars that interest you. (I have the VA take crib notes and send them to me after)
  • –    Checking portals for your goodies. Ie, blog replies, Facebook trolling, Google Analytics key metrics.
  • –    Helping respond to clients
  • –    Researching things
  • –    Setting up and responding to utility companies
  • –    Etc. Etc.

Quickly delegating these things will save you hours of valuable time. Delegating also allows your brain to stay sharper longer. You only have so much brain-power to last through the day. Save it for important stuff, like getting clients to walk in the door. Delegating pays HUGE instant dividends.

When I look through my email inbox, very rarely does an email get more than 1-3 seconds of my time before it is forwarded off the proper assistant. That’s how we can save so much time.

The 3 important questions to ask your self are:

  • 1.   “Do I need to do this task”
  • 2.   “Is it the best use of my time”
  • 3.   “Can I influence the outcome by doing it myself?”

Tip #3 ­ Auto-responders
A well crafted auto-responder is great when it directs the email intruder to another human’s email inbox besides yours.

“Hello, This is Jane Doe ­ I will be out of the office from August 1st to August 14th. If you need assistance, please email my assistant at She is here to help with anything you may need during my absence. “

Have the VA forward you anything that resembles an emergency to a private email, or have them leave you a text or voicemail. It works like a charm. A few years ago, I would have told you to leave a cell phone number in case of emergencies, but the problem is, they will call it, even if it’s not an emergency. (I had a client call me during our 2nd child’s birth for some non-sense that my staff was already on top of).

Let your VA decide. Make them your screener. Your protector.

In closing, Time invested in teaching your VA how to do the things I have described above will pay immediate dividends for around $100-200 per week. Would you pay $100-200 per week to work 10-20 hours less? Yes for me. Many times, YES!

P.S. We only covered one topic today.

Next week’s topic ­ Starts with a “P”

If you are still with me, share this article or comment on it. I would be happy to further the conversation.

8 Tasks You Should Outsource Now:

8 Tasks You Should Outsource Now:

To sit down and say hire_virtual_assistantsall the things that a Virtual Assistant can do for you would be an all day event. I don’t have to the time to write it down and you don’t have the time to read it. What I decided to do was to give you a starting point to run with.

Flat out – Here is week one with your new Virtual Assistant. These are the first 8 areas and tasks to start. 90 days of your Virtual Assistant doing these for you will change your life. When I say change your life, I mean you can take vacations and stuff like that again!

Without further delay, into our list we go.

1. Answer your phone. – Phones ring with customer service and sales opportunities. Put systems into place for all scenarios and have your VA follow up in ways that you only wish you were currently doing. At the reduced rate, you can afford to do more. IE. Add people to CRM, wow customers etc, etc.

2. Answer your email. – Create yourself a new email address. Then – forward your previous email address to your VA. Keep a record on your server so you can OCD look at the archived emails if you must. Next, teach your VA how to deal with 80% of your current inbox. Have the VA forward the 20% critical type emails to your new private email address.

3. Build up your network. – One example here, LinkedIn. You can simply give your VA the parameters of people you want to be friends with on LinkedIn. Your VA can then blast out your message to those contacts. This is just one of several social media platforms that this can be done on.

4. Manage your CRM and database. – When people/leads come in and out of your life and business, it helps to add them to some type of CRM system. This is a great task for your VA to do. Building up a database is a critical step to 95% of all great companies. Also – marketing to people are in that database is a great idea as well. Flowers to close acquaintances on anniversaries, Birthday cards to past clients, the list goes on and on.

5. Post Articles on your Blog. – Ever notice most people’s blogs get ZERO comments, but they continue to blog anyways? The reason is that blogging is the new SEO. Its cheap, easy and a VA can do it. All blogs will improve your websites Search Engine Optimization. FOREVER… So it will pay-off to blog weekly when possible.

6. Assist you in customer service. – You can’t be tied to customer service or servicing of your customers all the time. You also can’t afford to staff up to deliver that service that a value based customer base is coming to expect. A Virtual Assistant will help you bridge that gap. IE. You can handle 4 Virtual Assistant service reps instead of 2 State Side service reps. 4 is better than 2 no matter where they are from.

7. Doing your paperwork. – Most businesses have mundane, repetitive paperwork involved. Teach your VA how to get it done and avoid doing it yourself.

8. Research. – This could be for you personally or business wise. Anytime you need info that you know will take longer than 10 minutes to obtain, send a quick email to your VA and move on to bigger and better income producing work.

That’s it. This is my quick start list. Imagine a life where these things are done for you by a Virtual Assistant that you can actually afford to hire and keep! Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions. I tried to keep this a brief as possible for the sake of people being able to get through it.

Please feel free to drop me a line at if you want to talk further about these topics. You can also inquire through our website in the chat box below.

Daniel Keltner, CEO/Founder


Moral Dilemmas in regards to Outsourcing work to foreign Virtual Assistants

Hello All – I promise to make an effort to blog more often in the coming months.  I am often inspired to write something and have to write it down, because I am too busy.  I see the irony here – I should Outsource more, haha.

I want to share with you some feedback we get from our clients when we assist them in Outsourcing their work.

“This has changed our life”

“You have had such a great impact on our business”

“I now have my personal life back”

And on and on it goes.

This goes for our contractors as well.  We offer a wage that is competitive and allows people to support a family and things like that in the developing world.

So what about the jobs lost in the states?  Here is my answer to those type questions, “Who wants these job that we are outsourcing and how much are employers willing pay for them?”.

This calms the conversation in of itself.

The bigger questions is, “What will we do with our time now that these jobs that no one wants are gone?”.  Innovate, create and do higher level type things would be my response.  I believe we have one of the most innovative cultures in the world.  We create amazing movies, sports, web products etc. that the whole world loves!

I would like to leave you with this question.  If you Outsourced two/thirds of your day, what would YOU do with that free time?

We believe something great!

Daniel Keltner