Spring Staffing Sale

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We’re looking for Top Producing Brokers and Agents Spring is here and you are about to be slammed busy… You need some help but you don’t even have the time to ask for it. We have you covered. Not only do we have the Virtual Assistant you need, We also have U.S. Based managers that will manage your Virtual Assistant … Read More

5 Big No-No’s When Rehabbing a Property

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  Almost every landlord would want to rehab their house before they look for tenants to rent it out. That goes the same for homeowners, especially when they want to make a profit out of it or simply just to sell it faster. House flipping is starting to become a trend in the real estate industry and the majority of … Read More

4 Simple Tips to Raise Your REO ratings

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  We understand how much you value grades and rankings set upon you by REO banks and asset management companies. We all know that you want to keep a good score in Equator or REOCentral. REO banks assign you these properties and in return, they want to feel that they are top priority on your list. Receiving low ratings from … Read More

Support Women in the Real Estate Business

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A few weeks ago, my 15 year old daughter said something troubling to me. She is a talented artist so I suggested that she start the business side of selling her art. She said, “I could never start a business because that’s something only guys do.” We thought we were teaching her right all along, but we must have missed … Read More