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5 Tips to Boost your Phone Sales

$$$  Income happens based on how hard you worked 90 days ago… $$$

                What were you up to exactly 90 days ago?


Most Realtors give up on prospecting and hire a service like ours because they underestimate just how hard this job is.

Most Realtors give up because they can’t handle the rejection they get from prospects.

Most Realtors give up because they underestimate how much time it takes, to be successful on the phones.

I want to offer you 5 Tips to increase your performance and earn money U$D per hour.  Follow these tips for 90 days and I guarantee that you will be making more money.

Tip#1:  Have a sub-goal that leads to appointments.

Conversations is a good one.  For every 10 real conversations you have with a decision maker, you should yield at least one callback or appointment.  Test this out.  See if you can dial until ten conversations and see what happens.

Tip#2:  Have a pre-call routine

Create a one hour routine leading up to the moment you dial.  Make it pleasurable, make it fun.  Most prospectors will get their coffee, snack and maybe a book or other enjoyable thing.  Top prospectors will often do a role play call with a partner in which they let each other win a sale. 

Tip#3:  Have a prepared area.

I personally like to have a clean and quiet area away from distractions.  On my wall, I have motivational pictures of what I want (beach trips, cars, vacations etc) and pictures of what I don’t want (pictures of being broke etc).  I like to use a headset plugged into my cell phone as well, so that I can walk around while I wait or talk to people.

Tip#4:  Have a positive mindset

Before dialing, spend 2 to 3 minutes telling or reminding yourself that your client needs you just as much as you need them.  They are relying on your to make these calls just as much as you rely on them to send pay every two weeks.

Next, spend 2 to 3 minutes to think about the people you are calling.  They NEED your help. 


I can’t stress this enough.  Unless you are booking appointments left and right, STICK to the SCRIPT.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard an ISA saying something to prospects that confused them.

2 Home Listing Leads per week guaranteed or your money back*

What we do:

We call Expireds, Fsbos and Circle Prospecting leads using  best practice; state approved prospecting scripts with the purpose of soliciting a listing appointment on your behalf.

  • Schedule a face to face listing appointment for you.
  • Schedule a “seller call back*” appointment for you.
  • Assign seller prospects to an automated email drip nurture campaign


    Increased Revenue:  Increased listing appointments lead to more sold listings, more sold listings lead to more commission checks**

    Time Saved:  Save on average 4 to 8 hours of cold calling for every “seller call back” lead booked and 10-20 hours of cold calling per face to face appointment booked.

    Predictable Income – Based on increased contact with qualified seller prospects and nurturing of seller prospects over a 3 to 6 month period.

What you do:

  • Pre-qualify listing appointments over the phone prior to appointment
  • Call and Close qualified sellers that have raised their hand and agreed to a call back
  • Provide Cutyourpayroll with a local lead source to call  (Ie. TheRedX, Vulcan7 or Mojosells)

*Listing Leads are:

Any booked (not necessarily attended) face to face listing appointments.  Regardless of the outcome of said appointment.

Qualified Sellers who have identified that they have not chosen an agent to work with, are in the market to sell and have agreed to receive a “seller call back” from you.  Seller Call Backs are prospective home sellers who have agreed to speak with you via a phone call.

“Money Back Guarantee” means that you will receive a credit on your next invoice for services rendered by your ISA.

** Increased Revenue:

Increased revenue is due to increased listing presentations following our process of pre-qualifying the listing prior to the appointment and accepting home listings that are priced at or below the current market value.

Spring Staffing Sale

We’re looking for Top Producing Brokers and Agents

Spring is here and you are about to be slammed busy…

You need some help but you don’t even have the time to ask for it.

We have you covered.

Not only do we have the Virtual Assistant you need, We also have U.S. Based managers that will manage your Virtual Assistant and their projects so you don’t have to.

Currently, I am looking to place these 4 Virtual Assistants with a busy top producer type Agent or Broker.

1. Phone Sales / ISA – $8.90 per hour
– Create a custom campaign calling Expireds, Fsbos, Just listeds etc.

2. Admin – MLS and General Tasks – $7.90 per hour
– Creating CMAs, BPOs, Entering Listings, Offer Handling etc.

3. Website Builder – $9.90 per hour
– Create full IDX websites, Landing Pages, Lead Pages etc.

4. Digital Marketer – $8.90 per hour
– Trained by, specializing in email drip campaigns and list building, Listing Marketing.

These 4 Virtual Assistants are first come first serve and took me months to train. Once someone snags them up, they will be gone. So act fast.

To get started: click the link below to schedule a consultation call. We don’t just work with everyone, so we will need to speak with you first.


Daniel Keltner, CEO/Founder

See what our clients are saying… 17149 S Park Center Strongsville, Ohio 44136 United States (312) 416-9996

Top Producers in Real Estate : They are in the lead generation business.

If you have been in business for over 12 months, you’ve probably learned quickly that you’re not just in the Real Estate Business.  You’re in the lead generation business.

We could be the best, but if it’s a secret, people are not going to use you.

In Gary Keller’s book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, he talks about the 3 Pillars of Real Estate.

Pillar 1- Listings, The best use of a Broker’s time.

Pillar 2 – Leads, You need to always be generating more, there is never enough.

Pillar 3 – Leverage, Who will do the work for you and with what tools?

You could work 100 hours per week and you are not going to cover what needs done in these 3 pillars.  If you are going to work them all, you need help.

How our client generated $800,000 in sales using a lead generation Virtual Assistant.
Last month we had a client using one of our Virtual Assistants to work on his “Leads pillar”.  He had this person working on social media postings, Google+ and a WordPress blog posting.

He invested $2,000 in paying his Virtual Assistant to work on these tasks for over 3 months.  Then he get’s 2 web leads, both of which bought homes over $400k with him.

The broker asks, “How did you find me?”

The prospect answers, “We found you on Google”. (he is now top ranked on Google search for his keywords)

He spent $2,000 and generated over $20,000 in commissions.

Want to know exactly how this happened?

Give us a call @ 216-314-6353 or email us at

PS.  Since it has been SO popular, we are extending our July 50% off sale to August 30th. If you are on the fence about trying our product, now is the time.

When you hire us, we will help you focus on that first Pillar of Real Estate (Listings).  Everything else, we will handle for you.

Let us help you take your business to the next level.

5 Big No-No’s When Rehabbing a Property



Almost every landlord would want to rehab their house before they look for tenants to rent it out. That goes the same for homeowners, especially when they want to make a profit out of it or simply just to sell it faster.

House flipping is starting to become a trend in the real estate industry and the majority of house rehabbing comes from real estate investors wanting to make more out of a distressed property. Although making mistakes is okay in this industry, it is important to dodge as many mistakes as possible and learn from others’ experiences.

Rehab process is not clearly defined.

Making a plan will save you a lot when rehabbing. Make a list of how you want the property to be fixed. It is only logical to make the necessary “big” indoor fixes (i.e. broken roof) before going for cosmetic repairs (i.e. repainting of walls). Nobody wants scratches or cement spills over your lovely newly painted walls.

Fixing a major indoor problem should always come first. Continue reading 5 Big No-No’s When Rehabbing a Property

4 Simple Tips to Raise Your REO ratings



We understand how much you value grades and rankings set upon you by REO banks and asset management companies. We all know that you want to keep a good score in Equator or REOCentral.

REO banks assign you these properties and in return, they want to feel that they are top priority on your list. Receiving low ratings from REO banks and asset management companies  means less properties are going to be assigned to you in the future.

Nobody wants that. We know how valuable these numbers are for you. So we are making a list of activities which may cause your ratings to fall off.

Some are pretty self-explanatory and we know you know them, we have them just as a little reminder. Continue reading 4 Simple Tips to Raise Your REO ratings