Listing Appointment Setting Blueprint

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Listing Appointment Generation Blueprint Generate seller leads without making one cold call. Would you like an additional 3-4 listing appointments next week? It’s absolutely possible to generate 3-4 seller leads next week using what industry insiders call, an Inside Sales Associate or ISA. We’ve got a one-page blueprint for you. Implement it into your business today and generate 3-4 new … Read More

Inside Sales Associates (ISA) – Hope or Hype? – What you need to know before hiring an Inside Sales Associate

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  Here is Wikipedia’s definition of an ISA. Here is mine.  An ISA is the person that answers the phone, answers a leads questions, qualifies the lead further, enters the lead into the business owner’s CRM, puts the lead onto the proper campaign and assigns them to an OSA or Selling Broker. Topics we will discuss and cover are … Read More