The first CYP customer was us.

It’s been our mission to help Real Estate professionals outsource their tasks ever since

When you're 5,000 miles apart, culture is everything..

Our owner and CEO, Daniel Keltner, has been in the real estate industry for over 16 years.  After about a decade, he decided to get some help. He hired staff and his projects were moving smoothly.

The only issue was that his overhead was now killing his profit margins.  He wanted to grow the business, but every subsequent hire cost him more and more.

Out of necessity, he looked into outsourcing some of his website work to foreign contractors. They were less expensive than US workers, but still have the same tools and skills found in the States.

Five years later,  50% of Daniel’s staff was foreign outsourced contractors.

There were challenges along the way, and learning to handle the time zone and language differences gave Daniel an idea.  He could help other Real Estate Brokers achieve the same results.

He systematized the training and recruitment processes. Then, he installed a project platform to work in (TimeTrax), and Cutyourpayroll.com was born.
Our Vision

is to improve the lives of our client, team and community.  We help our clients execute, We develop the abilities of our team and we serve community causes that we all believe in.

Our Values are:
Our Culture

At CutYourPayroll.com, we're a family.

When you hire one of our team members to be your Virtual Assistant, you are also hiring someone who holds our Core Values closely to their heart.

CutYourPayroll.com will not even interview a person that does not embody these values. We hire by these values and we fire by these values. This ensures that you are always staffed with the best virtual assistant team members in the market. Period.

Our Culture

1. We are customer obsessed
2. We embrace change
3. We pursue growth through learning
4. We have a sense of humor
5. We are bold but not reckless
6. We use inventive thinking to solve customer problems
7. We deliver WOW Service and Value
8. We are passionate and determined
9. We foster a positive team and family spirit
10. We are humble

We've grown a lot since we started CYP in 2013.

From a team of 5 working out of a local coffee shop, to a team of over 3,000 working in 5 offices across North America. We’re really proud of our success and growth and we’ve worked hard to nurture our company values and culture. We encourage everyone to experiment, take risks, and push the envelope.

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