8 Tasks You Should Outsource Now:

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8 Tasks You Should Outsource Now:

To sit down and say hire_virtual_assistantsall the things that a Virtual Assistant can do for you would be an all day event. I don’t have to the time to write it down and you don’t have the time to read it. What I decided to do was to give you a starting point to run with.

Flat out – Here is week one with your new Virtual Assistant. These are the first 8 areas and tasks to start. 90 days of your Virtual Assistant doing these for you will change your life. When I say change your life, I mean you can take vacations and stuff like that again!

Without further delay, into our list we go.

1. Answer your phone. – Phones ring with customer service and sales opportunities. Put systems into place for all scenarios and have your VA follow up in ways that you only wish you were currently doing. At the reduced rate, you can afford to do more. IE. Add people to CRM, wow customers etc, etc.

2. Answer your email. – Create yourself a new email address. Then – forward your previous email address to your VA. Keep a record on your server so you can OCD look at the archived emails if you must. Next, teach your VA how to deal with 80% of your current inbox. Have the VA forward the 20% critical type emails to your new private email address.

3. Build up your network. – One example here, LinkedIn. You can simply give your VA the parameters of people you want to be friends with on LinkedIn. Your VA can then blast out your message to those contacts. This is just one of several social media platforms that this can be done on.

4. Manage your CRM and database. – When people/leads come in and out of your life and business, it helps to add them to some type of CRM system. This is a great task for your VA to do. Building up a database is a critical step to 95% of all great companies. Also – marketing to people are in that database is a great idea as well. Flowers to close acquaintances on anniversaries, Birthday cards to past clients, the list goes on and on.

5. Post Articles on your Blog. – Ever notice most people’s blogs get ZERO comments, but they continue to blog anyways? The reason is that blogging is the new SEO. Its cheap, easy and a VA can do it. All blogs will improve your websites Search Engine Optimization. FOREVER… So it will pay-off to blog weekly when possible.

6. Assist you in customer service. – You can’t be tied to customer service or servicing of your customers all the time. You also can’t afford to staff up to deliver that service that a value based customer base is coming to expect. A Virtual Assistant will help you bridge that gap. IE. You can handle 4 Virtual Assistant service reps instead of 2 State Side service reps. 4 is better than 2 no matter where they are from.

7. Doing your paperwork. – Most businesses have mundane, repetitive paperwork involved. Teach your VA how to get it done and avoid doing it yourself.

8. Research. – This could be for you personally or business wise. Anytime you need info that you know will take longer than 10 minutes to obtain, send a quick email to your VA and move on to bigger and better income producing work.

That’s it. This is my quick start list. Imagine a life where these things are done for you by a Virtual Assistant that you can actually afford to hire and keep! Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions. I tried to keep this a brief as possible for the sake of people being able to get through it.

Please feel free to drop me a line at info@cutyourpayroll.com if you want to talk further about these topics. You can also inquire through our website in the chat box below.

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