5 Tips to Boost your Phone Sales

$$$  Income happens based on how hard you worked 90 days ago… $$$

                What were you up to exactly 90 days ago?


Most Realtors give up on prospecting and hire a service like ours because they underestimate just how hard this job is.

Most Realtors give up because they can’t handle the rejection they get from prospects.

Most Realtors give up because they underestimate how much time it takes, to be successful on the phones.

I want to offer you 5 Tips to increase your performance and earn money U$D per hour.  Follow these tips for 90 days and I guarantee that you will be making more money.

Tip#1:  Have a sub-goal that leads to appointments.

Conversations is a good one.  For every 10 real conversations you have with a decision maker, you should yield at least one callback or appointment.  Test this out.  See if you can dial until ten conversations and see what happens.

Tip#2:  Have a pre-call routine

Create a one hour routine leading up to the moment you dial.  Make it pleasurable, make it fun.  Most prospectors will get their coffee, snack and maybe a book or other enjoyable thing.  Top prospectors will often do a role play call with a partner in which they let each other win a sale. 

Tip#3:  Have a prepared area.

I personally like to have a clean and quiet area away from distractions.  On my wall, I have motivational pictures of what I want (beach trips, cars, vacations etc) and pictures of what I don’t want (pictures of being broke etc).  I like to use a headset plugged into my cell phone as well, so that I can walk around while I wait or talk to people.

Tip#4:  Have a positive mindset

Before dialing, spend 2 to 3 minutes telling or reminding yourself that your client needs you just as much as you need them.  They are relying on your to make these calls just as much as you rely on them to send pay every two weeks.

Next, spend 2 to 3 minutes to think about the people you are calling.  They NEED your help. 


I can’t stress this enough.  Unless you are booking appointments left and right, STICK to the SCRIPT.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard an ISA saying something to prospects that confused them.