3 Pro’s and 3 Con’s of hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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The 3 Pros:

1.  Reduced Cost.

Using a Virtual Assistant comes with some major cost savings.  The biggest cost savings is taxes.  When you outsource to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, you’re able to deduct 100% of that cost*.  In-house w2 employees typically come with a tax burden in which you have to match 1/2 of the employees tax burdens.*

  • Please consult your local CPA for more info on this topic.

Another cost savings with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is the office and equipment expense.  VA’s don’t need to come into your office, therefore you don’t need to rent costly square footage to accommodate them.  You also typically don’t need to supply them with computers, phones or other costly equipment.

Lastly,  and this is a big one also, employee benefits.  VA’s typically don’t need to be given paid days off, maternity leave, vacation days, sick days etc.  This poses a significant savings to Real Estate Broker entrepreneurs.

2.  Real Estate Virtual Assistants make happier team members.

Real Estate VAs are happier for good reasons.  To name a few.  They have no commute to work.  This is not a huge deal in some cities, but in cities like NYC or LA, this can save a VA 2 to 3 hours of commute time every single day!

Working remotely also offers great flexibility in work hours.I personally like to to start at 6am and break around noon, then go back to work after a long lunch and workout.  The options are endless, but often not possible working a 9am to 5pm office job.

Other reasons for increased happiness include lack of micromanagement (no one over their shoulder), the ability to be creative and the lack of office politics to deal with.

3.  Reduced Legal Risk

Let’s be real, employee people can be very risky.  People get hurt on the job,  they get harassed by a co-worker or manager and bring law suits etc.  They damage your new equipment etc.

Removing the on-site human element eliminates a majority of these legal risks.

The 3 Cons:

1.  They are not here!

There are plenty of tech solutions out there to bring you and your VA today.

Personally, I use Skype for messaging with my VA right from my cell throughout the day.  Just download the app in iTunes or Google Play and install it on your smart phone.

For meetings, we like to use zoom.us.  This is a great service and allows me to walk my VAs through tasks as well as record the meetings for later training use.

Not an “app” person?  Get a RingCentral Account and get your VA a phone line of their own.  This allows you to call or text your VA.  This way, you can delegate tasks on the fly as they come in or get phone support from your VA.

2.  I can’t tell if they’re working.

It can be scary to imagine some rouge employee “milking the clock” on your dime while you’re out there busting your butt.  In realty, this is rarely an issue.  Most Real Estate VAs won’t want to mess with a good thing.

There are 3 easy things we can do to ensure that we are receiving value however.

1.  Have your VA install a time tracker on their pc.  Use a service like Rescuetime.com to get an idea of what your VA is doing all day.  Even if you never check the reports, your people know they are being watched and will work harder.

2.  Have a morning Daily Huddle.  These can be as fast as 2 minutes long, just to set the expectation about what you’d like your VA to do today.

3.  Have your VA submit a Daily Log.  This is a quick email report about what your VA got done today.

3.  I can’t train them if they are not next to me.

Being a Real Estate Virtual Assistant firm involves constant learning.  This is because new Real Estate tools are being created constantly.

To keep up, 1st, we leverage all the video training available online already.  Ie.  If you sign up for a RedX subscription, have your VA follow their Youtube channel 1st, before you start creating your own trainings.

Need to teach your VA something technical?  Here’s 3 quick steps to teach ANYONE anything.

1.  Record the steps to complete the task on a notepad while you do it yourself.

2.  Simply the instructions and type them up on a Word doc.  Less is better!

3.  Use a screen recording software like Camtasia or useloom.com and record yourself actually doing the task.  Then share a link of the video with your VA.

If you’d like to have a discussion about getting a Real Estate Virtual Assistant or Real Estate Inside Sales Assistant up and running in your practice, feel free to email us at: info@cutyourpayroll.com or call us at 216-314-6353.


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