2 Home Listing Leads per week guaranteed or your money back*

What we do:

We call Expireds, Fsbos and Circle Prospecting leads using  best practice; state approved prospecting scripts with the purpose of soliciting a listing appointment on your behalf.

  • Schedule a face to face listing appointment for you.
  • Schedule a “seller call back*” appointment for you.
  • Assign seller prospects to an automated email drip nurture campaign


    Increased Revenue:  Increased listing appointments lead to more sold listings, more sold listings lead to more commission checks**

    Time Saved:  Save on average 4 to 8 hours of cold calling for every “seller call back” lead booked and 10-20 hours of cold calling per face to face appointment booked.

    Predictable Income – Based on increased contact with qualified seller prospects and nurturing of seller prospects over a 3 to 6 month period.

What you do:

  • Pre-qualify listing appointments over the phone prior to appointment
  • Call and Close qualified sellers that have raised their hand and agreed to a call back
  • Provide Cutyourpayroll with a local lead source to call  (Ie. TheRedX, Vulcan7 or Mojosells)

*Listing Leads are:

Any booked (not necessarily attended) face to face listing appointments.  Regardless of the outcome of said appointment.

Qualified Sellers who have identified that they have not chosen an agent to work with, are in the market to sell and have agreed to receive a “seller call back” from you.  Seller Call Backs are prospective home sellers who have agreed to speak with you via a phone call.

“Money Back Guarantee” means that you will receive a credit on your next invoice for services rendered by your ISA.

** Increased Revenue:

Increased revenue is due to increased listing presentations following our process of pre-qualifying the listing prior to the appointment and accepting home listings that are priced at or below the current market value.

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